Watford Jobs Fair - 5th September 2019 WATFORD JOBS FAIR

Welcome to the Watford Jobs Fair 2019

Which companies are attending?

There will be over 70 companies from Watford, Herts and North London attending the fair with jobs available on the day. Website will be updated as employers confirm their attendance!

I have a question

You can contact us by email at jobsfair@richardharrington.org.uk or call 01923 296 790

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  • Research

    Spend some time looking into companies that interest you

  • Print out your CV

    Bring several copies

  • Talk to companies

    Be as confident as you can!

  • Apply for the job

    It will all pay off

Organised by Richard Harrington

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Richard Harrington MP

Member of Parliament for Watford www.richardharrington.org.uk
Richard has been the MP for Watford since 2010. He founded the first Watford Jobs Fair in 2011. Prior to being an MP, he ran his own business, employing 2,000 people at its peak. To find out more about Richard, visit his website
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Watford Job Centre Plus

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